DATE: JAN 17-19



The charrette is about developing strategies and developing a new plan to help FIU make their public art collection have more impact in the community. How can people be more aware of surrounding art?
Public art helps to enhance FIU’s identity and provides enjoyment for the campus community and visitors. Integrating public art into the landscape demonstrates the University’s commitment to arts and culture. Along with this advocacy also comes the responsibility for the ongoing care of artworks acquired and placed throughout our campuses. 


The 2017 Spring Public Art Charrette will:

• bring awareness of FIU’s current public art inventory
• help develop strategies for FIU’s public art collection and program
• provoke a critical discussion about the role of public art on campus
• help develop guidelines for collecting and commissioning new work
• increase student engagement with the arts as a student success initiative
• use public art as vehicle to strengthen the relationship between FIU and surrounding communities
• develop strategies that can be replicated at other FIU campuses
• identify campus locations and develop design proposals to showcase campus public art

The charrette will take place over the course of three days during the second week of the spring 2017 semester and will engage students and faculty from the
College of Communication, Architecture + the Arts’ departments of Art & Art History, Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design, and
Architecture, as well as staff from the Frost Art Museum and FIU’s Public Art Advisory Task Force.



“The spectacle is not a collection of images; rather, it is a social relationship between people that is mediated by images.“

"to wake up the spectator who has been drugged by spectacular images," "through radical action in the form of the construction of situations," "situations that bring a revolutionary reordering of life... art". Situations are actively created moments, characterized by "a sense if self-consciousness of existence within a particular environment or ambiance". - Guy Debord.
Shock, Funny, Romance, Scale, Surprise! These are some of the varied emotions one experiences when
observing Art. It is more than a pretty object which is best appreciated when one interacts with it. We invite you to FIU to stroll and experience, art - redefined. As you enter our campus follow our new state of the art interactive modules placed carefully besides the sculptures. You will immerse in a different perceptual experience altogether or just sit in contemplation. It’s your choice and we invite you to have a conversation with us. 
FIU has an amazing collection of art work by local and renowned artists. Our task was to present the works to engage the public in a thought provoking and interactive experience. Our solution was to identify best practices for placement and enjoyment of these sculptures. To accomplish this objective, we developed a matrix model to identify the moods of the piece, the placement best suited to invoke that mood, and an interactive modular system to facilitate it. The public art walk is part of FIU’s commitment to community outreach and the Frost Museum. Our module interactive system isn’t just for the campus. They will also be strategically placed at FIU bus stops on campus and across the community.


Project partner: Maria Flores and others.